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Started by people like you.

What would you do for your children? Anything right?


When a handful of families from every corner of the community, rich and poor, decided they’d no longer allow their children to be sent away to institutions, they started their own school on Logan Street in Mishawaka. That’s how LOGAN got its name in 1950 – simply because it was on Logan Street.

Those founding families were just like you. Determined to prove that their kids had potential. And no one was going to prove them wrong.

By 1968, the entire community, including Notre Dame, had embraced the LOGAN families who came from all walks of life. And a new school building was built right across from the University, where hundreds of children and adults came for daily therapy and support.

Today, you’ll find LOGAN on Jefferson Boulevard in South Bend and at LOGAN Industries on Boland Drive. But you’ll also find LOGAN in group homes all over the community and at our Autism Learning Centers in Benton Harbor, Michigan and Granger, Indiana. Since March of 2018, you’ll also find us at Hannah & Friends Neighborhood on Hollyhock Road. Wherever you need us, we aim to serve the sons and daughters you’d do anything for. It’s what our founders intended.

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