Over the years, LOGAN has offered a wide range of Recreation Programs for clients. This program has included various options designed for individuals, typically 18 and older. For decades LOGAN strived to provide life-enriching opportunities such as art classes, culinary classes, social skills building and exercise activities. These programs and outings occurred at various LOGAN facilities and throughout the community. In 2020, this program came to an immediate halt due to COVID-19. As many of us did, our clients spent a lot of time at home in 2020, we realized how important the Recreation Program was to many.  


The new Wellness Program will include many aspects of the traditional recreation services with new camps, events, programs and life experiences for clients of all ages. We are excited to create many skill-building, health, and fitness-related programs. These programs will continue to be offered at all LOGAN locations and throughout the community. 

December 2022 Wellness Schedule

For questions or to R.S.V.P for an event, please contact Sarah Mackin at smackin@logancenter.org.

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For more information on the Wellness Program, contact:

Sarah Mackin
Wellness Program Manager