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Our benefactors: the Ansari Family

The philanthropy of Drs. Zoreen and Rafat Ansari has supported and fostered the rapid growth of advocacy and services for autism at LOGAN. In 2008, the name of the Regional Autism Center at LOGAN was changed to the Sonya Ansari Center for Autism in celebration of their dedication to helping other families in our community—and in lasting tribute to the very special spirit of their daughter Sonya.

A Family Tribute to Sonya Ansari
Sonya’s presence in our lives has given us the gifts of wisdom, patience and grace.
Wisdom… Our minds expand as we strive to learn more about what Sonya faces. Our love deepens as we see our daughter face challenges and take on opportunities.

Patience…We learn patience during the frustrating times. Sonya gently shows us the fine difference between acceptance and giving up.

Grace…We welcome grace as we learn to be thankful for each new step and moment with Sonya. Her gentle spirit is the ultimate gift of grace.

It is our wish that Sonya’s spirit touches each child that walks through the doors of this Center.

Zoreen & Rafat Ansari

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