Matt Harrington

We’ll get through this together – an update from Matt Harrington

Friday, April 10, 2020

Friends & Family,

Today I share with you the difficult message that programs currently suspended will remain closed until at least May 3, 2020. Employees currently on temporary layoff will remain during this time. During this time period we will continue to pay both the employees’ portion and LOGAN’s portion of health insurance premiums for employees on temporary layoff. We are also maintaining all other employee benefits. 

Thus far we have had 36 people accept re-assignment to our Residential Programs and are encouraging all employees impacted by the temporary layoff to consider working in our Group Homes and Supported Living homes.

Scott Weller, a Direct Support Professional from our Studios program now working in a Supported Living home, shared “I’ve grown to love my guys.  Steve (client) and I have become best friends. It really gives me a sense of pride that I am making a difference in their lives and that they are comfortable with me being here.” 

I recognize with this decision there are burdens placed on our clients, families and staff and we are continuing to evaluate how federal relief aid can help us lessen those burdens.  We have been communicating with our federal and state legislators in Indiana and Michigan to advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and organizations like LOGAN that care for them. That advocacy has included policy change, funding increases, classifying our industry as an essential business and being designated as a priority industry for Personal Protection Equipment just to name a few.

One of the greatest challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic is predicting when community conditions will allow us to resume our full array of services. We strive to make data-informed and expert-guided decisions to help us determine the best courses of action for LOGAN, our staff and the people we serve.  With each decision we consider:

  • Data from LOGAN programs and community health officials.
  • Directives from local, state and federal officials and agencies.
  • Guidance from county health and hospital officials.
  • Recommendations from industry experts in our state membership organization INARF and the state advocacy groups MiBAP (Michigan) and INPEAT (Indiana).
  • Demand for services from consumers.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in our community, we have established the following priorities for LOGAN:

  • Ensure the health and well-being of the 121 clients in our Group Homes and Supported Living Homes.  This includes preventative measures, procedural changes, staffing schedule changes and the acquisition of Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Support clients and their families in innovative ways.  For example, we are offering telehealth for children and their parents to minimize any regression in their progress toward developmental goals.
  • Work to maintain the highest-possible number of active employees.  Reassignment is being offered to everyone at LOGAN and we will do our best to accommodate everyone willing to work. 
  • Secure the financial health of LOGAN.  When the environment allows us to return to our full array of services, we must be in a financial position to do so.
  • Be socially responsible.  We will continue to do our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19, not just at LOGAN, but throughout the community.

I want to assure you that we are diligently working to best position LOGAN to care for our clients and staff now and after we have moved on from this pandemic. I hope you, our Friends & Family, will help us anyway you can and there are many ways to do so. Write our Governors, Senators and Representatives. Give encouragement to someone you know at LOGAN. Share your favorite things about LOGAN on social media. Donate to our Emergency Response Fund. All of these go a long way in helping us get through the challenges we face.

Yours in good health, 

Matt Harrington
President and CEO

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