Walk the good walk with Team LOGAN

Team LOGAN gives LOGAN’s Run heart and soul. Since 2006, children and adults receiving services from LOGAN have been invited to join the team and walk the 1-mile Fun Walk at LOGAN’s Run. Each member of the team is paired with a “buddy,” usually a staff or volunteer, who walks with them. What started small with just a few dozen team members, has grown rapidly. In 2017, Team LOGAN numbered more than 300 walkers.

Maybe it’s the medals received at the end of the walk. Maybe it’s the camaraderie of team spirit. Whatever the reason,  everybody wants to walk the good walk with Team LOGAN.

Click here to read about one member of Team LOGAN who got to run the 5k in 2017, with a little help from her friends. Those friends will return this year to run with another lucky member of Team LOGAN.