Once Upon a Nose…The Nose-On Story

It all began way back in 1988, when LOGAN came up with the unusual idea of selling green noses to raise money and awareness in support of our mission to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Nobody expected the green nose would become one of our community’s signature traditions! Now, each year, when the calendar turns to March, The Great LOGAN Nose-On officially begins.

The selling and wearing of foam green noses during the month of March, especially on St. Patrick’s Day, has become LOGAN’s fundraising—and awareness raising—trademark. In recent years, green dots, symbolizing “the Nose,” have also appeared on yard signs throughout Michiana, a sure sign that LOGAN’s version of March Madness is spreading!

Over the years, we have expanded the fun of the campaign by adding new items to the Nose-On merchandise line. Along with the essential green nose and green derby, Nose-On month offers awareness wristbands, pencils, buttons, magnets, post-it Nose notes, the stylish green dot lapel pin, and the sweet treat of South Bend Chocolate Noses, delicious mint chocolate malt balls (you nose no one can eat just one!).

In addition, each year LOGAN hosts the Nose-On Luncheon to raise additional funds and public awareness of its mission. The Nose-On Luncheon is the largest community event of its kind, attracting more than 1,000 guests each year.

So discover all the fun ways you, too, can join in celebrating The Great LOGAN Nose-On and show you nose!