Nose-On speaker has a sib story

Joshua John Diehl, Chief Strategy Officer for LOGAN Autism Services, shares his personal connection with Elena Delle Donne, basketball phenom and speaker for the 2017 Nose-On Luncheon. 

I first became interested in Elena Delle Donne’s story in my first semester on faculty at Notre Dame.  At the time, the person who had been called the “Female LeBron” was giving up basketball at powerhouse UConn and returning home.  I discussed her story in my Introduction to Psychology class on motivation. In that class, we had a vigorous discussion on what might lead someone to lose their motivation for a game to which they devoted so much time. Little did we know at the time her story wasn’t about losing her motivation, but rather going home to find her strength.

It shouldn’t be surprising that, just a few years later, I was deeply moved to find out that her strength, her power, came from her sister, who was born with multiple disabilities.  To this day, I still use her powerful story whenever I speak on the experiences of siblings of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Like so many siblings, she and I both find strength, not weakness, in our sibling with a disability.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Elena to our community on Tuesday, March 21st, at the Great LOGAN Nose-On, and hear her wonderful message.

– Joshua John Diehl, Chief Strategy Officer for LOGAN Autism Services and Proud Sib

Josh, his three children — Lily, Jack and Hannah — and his brother, Shane, are pictured above sporting green noses at the 2017 Great LOGAN Nose-On kickoff Saturday, February 25.