New division formed to better serve children and teens

Child & Adolescent Services at LOGAN

LOGAN has changed the way it delivers services to children and teens by forming a new division, Child & Adolescent Services at LOGAN.

Seven very successful programs, including Autism Services and First Steps, have been realigned as a single group and placed under the direction of Dr. Joshua John Diehl, Chief Program Officer – Child & Adolescent Services. “We are so excited to bring all the services we offer to children and teens together,” said Dr. Diehl. “This will lead to a better integration of services across different programs. It means everyone involved in a child’s care will be working together to give the best support.”

One new and three familiar faces will lead the seven programs in Child & Adolescent Services.

  • Megan Drzewiecki joined the LOGAN staff in July as Therapy Services Manager. She will supervise First Steps, traditional insurance-funded therapies, the PLAY Project, Recreation Services and Recreation Therapies.
  • Stephanie Proudfoot, BCBA, Senior Program Manager at the Sonya Ansari Center for Autism, will supervise Behavior Support Services.
  • Autism Services will continue under the direction of Clinical Site Directors Britany Melton, MEd, BCBA, in Indiana and Kristin Wier, MA, LLP, BCBA, in Michigan.

“We’re all excited about our new Child and Adolescent Services,” said Matt Harrington, President and CEO of LOGAN. “Aligning these services will offer many benefits to LOGAN and the families we serve.” Accessibility to services will become more streamlined and efficient, and staff will more easily be able to share best practices and expertise, he said. “This puts us on the path to serve children and adolescents, not just based on their diagnosis.”