Message from Matt

Dear Friends,

 I am pleased to announce LOGAN Community Resources, Inc. has acquired Hannah & Friends Neighborhood, Inc., the organization founded by Charlie and Maura Weis for their daughter Hannah. 

At a press conference this morning at the Eck Rec Center on the Hannah & Friends campus, I shared that although LOGAN and Hannah & Friends operated independently for about 10 years, there was always some overlap of programs and clients served in our region, and it became pretty clear to both LOGAN and Hannah & Friends that doing things together would benefit clients.

As you may remember, in March of 2018 LOGAN was asked by Hannah & Friends Neighborhood to be the preferred provider for Residential and Adult Day Services. It was a natural fit. Now, through this acquisition, we can expand our services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The name for the campus will now be LOGAN Hannah & Friends Neighborhood.

Our friend Dick Nussbaum, who has worked with the Weis Family since the creation of Hannah & Friends Neighborhood, Inc. and serves as its Chair and General Counsel, spoke on behalf of the family.

 “Since Charlie and Maura Weis came to South Bend, they wanted to create what we see here today—a warm inviting place where individuals with special abilities can live, come to visit, and simply enjoy the life they all deserve,” Nussbaum said. “Since its beginning, hundreds of individuals and families have had the pleasure of coming to this beautiful place. It is the place they have chosen to have their beloved Hannah live. It is also a place which provides a choice for other families who are faced with the difficult decision of making sure the needs of their loved ones are addressed. They saw LOGAN as the best way for the mission of Hannah & Friends to be sustained for many generations to come.”

Nussbaum added the horses will remain and the barn operations on the property will continue to be maintained by the Weis Family. This component is one of many which makes the experience so worthwhile for residents, visitors and their families.

We are so excited about this moment and grateful to Maura and Charlie Weis who have entrusted us with their dream of serving people with disabilities in a neighborhood on this beautiful 40 acres of property. If you have any questions on this newest addition to the LOGAN family of services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


Matt Harrington
LOGAN President & CEO