We’ve all been there … 

The car hits a pothole on your way to work and the tire blows out, taking the rim with it.

The landlord hikes the rent, right when your significant other receives a layoff notice. 

That headache you’ve been having? The doctor wants to send you to a specialist for extensive tests.

Cha-ching! …

When unexpected expenses come up, where do you turn?

Turn to your co-workers at LOGAN. The new LOGAN Cares Co-workers Assist each other in Rebuilding Employee Stability –  provides a way for all of us to help each other with unexpected expenses caused by an event beyond our control. Employees going through a crisis or hardship may apply for up to $500 in assistance. If granted, the money will be paid to the vendor to whom the money is owed. 

Donate via payroll deduction or a one-time gift

The money covering these unexpected expenses comes from you, the co-workers, and is matched by LOGAN. You can donate via paycheck deduction or a one-time contribution. 

LOGAN will match dollar-for-dollar each employee contribution!

Designate $1 or more per paycheck to LOGAN Cares, and twice that amount goes into the fund.  Give a one-time gift of $10 or more, and twice that amount goes into the fund. You get the idea!

When you support LOGAN Cares, you provide the safety net that keeps your co-workers on the job and their life on track. 



Donations may be made online or through Payroll Deduction.  For a payroll deduction, pick up a form at LOGAN. To donate online, complete the form below:





Assist each other in


Who can apply?

Any permanent status employee, off probation, who has suffered a financial hardship that could not have been anticipated is eligible to apply.

Who cannot apply?

  1. People who are on short-tern, long-term disability, worker’s compensation, maternity leave, or FMLA. These employees may apply for assistance the first day they return to full-time work.
  2. Funding is not provided to applicants where their crisis request is available through other community assistance providers for which they may be eligible. To learn more about these programs, call 211 or contact the LOGAN Cares team.
  3. Funding is not available if the applicant owes more than three months on their mortgage and are in foreclosure, or if their vehicle is close to repossession.

What does the fund pay for?

  • Housing
  • Utilities (Gas, water, and electricity only; not cable or internet or phone service)
  • Bus passes
  • Groceries
  • Minor vehicle repairs
  • Medical bills

What doesn’t the fund pay for?

  • Legal fees
  • Recreational activities
  • Home renovations
  • Childcare
  • Electronics
  • Cell phones

How soon will the money be disbursed?

The decision to disburse funds will be made by the LOGAN Cares Committee in 1- to 2-weeks unless the request is specified as urgent. Funds will always be paid to the vendor. No money will be given directly to the employee. Be specific about what you need. You MUST supply the vendor’s name and address to be directly paid by LOGAN Cares.


Complete the form here and submit online.

Not comfortable with online registration? Click here to download a paper copy of the application. Complete and submit via email to Logancares@logancenter.org. Or put your application in a sealed envelope and send it via inner-office mail to LOGAN Cares. All information will be kept confidential. You will be notified when your application is received. Direct any follow-up questions or additional information to Logancares@logancenter.org.