Local Shop Helps LOGAN Kids Get to Prom

As seen on WNDU-TV: Local shop helps kids get to prom through raffle.

There is nothing cheap about prom. You have to get the dress, the shoes, jewelry, flowers, tickets and more. It is this expense that prevents students from being able to go but one local business is looking to help.

Second Hand Rose LLC is holding a raffle to get kids, who may not have the finances, to prom. The idea for this raffle started last year. It was so popular it continued into this year, but a few changes were made.

The store owner, Mica Yonker, says she loves giving back to her community and if she could help one student make it to prom it would be worth it. Well, she has already helped two.

Second Hand Rose is located on M-62 in Edwardsburg but it didn’t always. It was back in 2009 when the shop opened for the first time in Stevensville on Red Arrow Highway.

“This started because of a garage sale trip gone awry,” says Yonker. “My mother-in-law decided to go garage sailing and bought a bunch of stuff that was really, really cool and then didn’t have anywhere to put it. So, we decided to open up a consignment shop because she recently retired.”

As the shop continued to grow, it eventually moved to Edwardsburg.

“It was one of the few that was available here in Edwardsburg. It was in the right budget and the right size, we could fit everything in here and it was on the main strip,” adds Yonker.

Second Hand Rose is a consignment shop. They have pageant, prom and formal gowns. They have business attire, casual ware, tuxedo rentals, bridal gowns and so much more.

“We generally price things ¾ to half of what we can still find at full for retail. If we can’t still find it for retail we will go with similar designer, similar styles and incorporate bead work, embroidery and that sort of thing and price it from there,” says Yonker.

With this many gowns and great prices, Yonker says she is constantly helping girls find that perfect dress, but her focus is on the ones that can’t.

“I felt really bad when I heard kids weren’t able to go to prom and at least this gives them the opportunity to try and win and be able to go,” adds Yonker.

Yonker is talking about a raffle that started last year.

“We gave away two tuxedo rentals last year and it went over really well. So, this time we kind of expanded and wanted to include the girls in this one. So, we are doing a 50 dollar gift certificate towards any prom gown of 50 dollars or more, whether it is new or consigned, and we are also giving away two free tuxedo rentals as well for prom,” says Yonker.

In order to participate in this raffle, all you have to do is put your name, phone number and email in the box and wait for the call.

Remember, this offer expires six months after the date. You have to be a student attending prom. It is open to Logan Center prom attendees as well as homeschool students and all entries need to be in by February 22.

The drawings will happen in the morning on February 23. There will be four winners, two boys and two girls. If you win the free tux rental you will come in two weeks prior to your event so you can get fitted. Everything will be in two days prior to your event. There is a 50 dollar deposit but you will get that back once you return the tux.

Ladies, if you win you will just go in and find that perfect dress.

Credit: WNDU-TV