Matt Harrington

Heroes Among Us – a message from Matt Harrington

Friends & Family –

I have a friend who is a respiratory nurse and therapist here in town.  Last week she left her family and went to New York City to work in a hospital and returns home tomorrow.  We hear stories like that on the news, but this one really hits home.  To me and my family, she is a hero.

We don’t have to look far to see that we have our own heroes at LOGAN.  Our employees, who for the past two months, have selflessly put our residential clients ahead of themselves and their families.  They have prioritized the health and wellbeing of our clients while providing quality care day and night. 

Our Heroes are fighting a different battle than the nurses and doctors who are fighting against COVID-19.  Our Group Home and Supported Living programs are now 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week operations like never before, with staff often working beyond the traditional 8-hour shift. Many of our clients have health conditions that make them some of the most vulnerable people to illness in our community.  Because of this, our responsibility to care for them is even greater now during the pandemic.  Incredibly, I am hearing that overall our clients’ health is quite possibly the best it has been.  That is a testament to the care our Heroes provide and that our shelter-in-home strategies are working.

In addition to caring for and protecting our clients’ health, our Heroes are working to help our clients understand how their lives are different now.  Our Heroes are helping them cope with changes in routines, increased aggression, boredom, confusion, frustration, and the feeling of being disconnected from their families and friends.  Not content to sit around with each passing day, our Heroes create meaningful experiences for our clients who are sheltered at home.  They are providing comfort, care and compassion.

I would like to thank our LOGAN Heroes:  our Direct Support Professionals, Program Coordinators and staff that have accepted reassignment who are all working in the homes; our Nurses who provide healthcare; and our Program Managers, Directors and our Chief Program Officer for Adult Programs Cheryl Schade who all are providing unwavering leadership in these most difficult times.

Thank you all for your heroic efforts!  Your unselfish dedication and commitment to our clients is inspiring.

Yours in good health,