Help needed to cover funeral expenses

William and Tanyette McCormick died in a housefire. Family lost everything.

One of LOGAN’s family members, William McCormick, died in a fire at his home on Thanksgiving Day, along with his sister Tanyette. Their mother, Loretta Page, a brother and a niece escaped the fire. The family is now coping with the tragic loss of their loved ones, their home and all their belongings. Sadly, their most urgent need right now is funds to pay the funeral expenses for William and Tanyette.

Palmer Funeral Home is working with the family to work out payments and is accepting donations on their behalf. Click here to donate through Palmer. LOGAN is working with Palmer to help raise the funds. We are appealing to our friends and family to help in any way they can. Anyone who wishes to donate money to help cover the funeral costs may do so through LOGAN. Please designate your gift as: McCormick Funeral Expenses and click here to donate online. 

The family also is seeking donations of clothing and household items, including bedding, kitchenware, food and hygiene products. Loretta wears size 14 in pants and a medium in shirts. Her husband, who lives in a nursing home, lost much of his clothing in the fire, too. He wears sweatpants or pajama pants, size large, and long-sleeved shirts, size XL. Donations of clothing or household items may be dropped off at LOGAN Center or LOGAN Industries.

William had been involved in various programs at LOGAN for many years and was loved by everyone. “He was a gentle soul whose smile could light up a room,” said Wendy Reynard, his behavioral consultant. “His presence will be greatly missed.”

Tanyette was relatively new to the LOGAN family.  She had been receiving behavior services through LOGAN for a year and was scheduled to start working at LOGAN Industries soon. “Tanyette was fiercely independent and had many friends,” Wendy said.  “She found peace and self-worth in chairing the AA meetings she attended regularly. Tanyette was a loving person and will be remembered for her kindness and spirit.”

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