We’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day!

While the effects of this global pandemic linger, the light inside LOGAN clients continues to shine brightly, proving that nothing can dull our mission. 

As we adapt programs and transform our current operations to best meet the needs of those we serve, we’re witnessing clients discover their potential in exciting new ways.

Today, we’re shining a light on the amazing happenings with LOGAN’s Pre-Employment Transition Program.   

For four years, LOGAN has partnered with area high schools and businesses to connect students to college and career resources as well as future employment opportunities—including resume building, internships, job exploration, social and life skills development, and independent living assistance, just to name a few.

LOGAN Transition Specialists, Emma and Julie, are part of a dedicated team of four who implement the program. Determined not to lose momentum with their students due to mandated school closures, they turned to Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other virtual means to creatively communicate with students. 

Without students realizing it, Emma and Julie help them with their social skills while keeping them socially connected with their peers in this time of social distancing. 

Each Wednesday a virtual picnic takes place, bringing students together for lunch, friendship, and life skill assignments—from meal preparation to wardrobe organization. 

“We work with students with various challenges, and our relationship with all of them has grown even stronger despite having to transition from in-person services to virtual services. There’s a level of positive connection that we’re experiencing like never before, making the program that much more impactful. We’re considering keeping some of the changes we’ve made even after everything returns to normal,” shared Emma and Julie. 

We look forward to sharing more bright spots like these as we continue to adapt and adjust.

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