Gibson launches Sara Smiles Campaign for LOGAN

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SOUTH BEND, Indiana (March 3, 2020) – After 35 years with Gibson, Bob Sturtevant will retire at the end of the year. To honor him, his colleagues decided to try something a little different. Instead of giving him the usual gold watch or new golf clubs, they started a fundraising campaign for his favorite nonprofit.

Gibson partnered with LOGAN, a local provider of disability services, to create the “Sara Smiles Campaign” in honor of Bob’s daughter Sara. The company set a high goal – $100,000 – with funds raised going toward the recreational programs at LOGAN enjoyed by Sara and her friends.

Gibson rolled out “The Sara Smiles Campaign for LOGAN” on March 3 and will continue it through the year. The kickoff date coincides with the start of Disabilities Awareness Month and The Great LOGAN Nose-On, LOGAN’s annual month-long campaign to raise awareness for people with disabilities.

Sturtevant joined Gibson in 1985 as a Senior Account Executive. In 1989, he became a Principal and Owner in the firm. In 1996, he and his wife, Peggy, brought Sara home from an orphanage in Guilin, China, and adopted her. A few years later, LOGAN became a vital part of Sara’s life.

“The LOGAN staff have been so caring for Sara,” Sturtevant said. “She immediately responded to the programs and services offered, and she has made so many friends at LOGAN, lifelong friendships.” 

Bob serves on LOGAN’s Board of Directors and plans to continue in that role in retirement. Peggy serves on the Parent/Family Guardian Advisory Council. Their adult children also have been involved with LOGAN through the years.

“It’s really been a family affair,” Peggy said.

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