Flame the Band making encore appearance

The band Flame returns to South Bend March 27, 2018 for an encore performance at The Great LOGAN Nose-On Luncheon. The band first performed at a Nose-On Luncheon in 2010. Audience members still talk about the party atmosphere their music created. It was so festive, an impromptu conga line formed and danced around the banquet hall.

“We wanted something festive, something celebratory for our 30th anniversary,” said Jill Langford, LOGAN Chief Development Officer. “We all had the same thought at once — ‘Bring back Flame!'”

A special talent

When Michelle King was 3, her mother knew she had a special talent. Michelle would run up on stage where her mom worked and sing into a microphone. At the time, she didn’t speak, except to repeat words. A doctor diagnosed her as autistic and intellectually disabled. He told her mom not to expect too much, that Michelle might never be able to have conversations.

Nobody expected much of David LaGrange, either. When he was 14, his counselor at the New York School for the Blind told him his dreams were too big and he needed to face reality — he would never be in a band.

Good thing they didn’t listen!

Today David and Michelle, founding members of the band Flame, travel around the word, spreading hope and inspiration through their music. Flame’s mission is to change the world through music.

“They inspire people with disabilities and give hope to them and their families – hope that they can do great things and live a fun and fulfilling life,” said Maria Nestle, Band Manager. “Flame’s performances help change how the public perceives people with disabilities and increase the awareness and acceptance of all people, regardless of their differences.”

Michelle, lead vocalist and guitarist, proposed forming a band back in 2003, after winning a talent contest at Lexington, an agency similar to LOGAN, in upstate New York.. David plays drums and sings. He came up with the band’s name, Flame, to honor of the Special Olympics torch.

Joining Michelle and Davidon stage are  Scott, Andrew, Aislinn, Adrienne, Nick, Shawn, Debbie and Karl.

Each has an incredible story.
Each has an incredible talent.
Together, they bring the party!

Maureen McFadden, news anchor for WNDU, will get the party started as emcee and special host. Reserve your seats today by clicking here.

Changing the world through music

Meet the members of Flame by clicking on each name:
Michelle King
Scott Stuart
David LaGrange
Nick Robinson
Adrienne Phillips
Shawn Lehr
Debbie Woodruff
Karl Blanchard
Stage crew
Supporting cast

Flame is based at The Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts in Gloversville, New York.