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Everyone who wants to work should be able to work; an intellectual or developmental disability should never stop someone from accessing a job. Our Employment Services programs teach the skills needed to get—and keep—a job within our community.


Two paths to employment are offered through LOGAN: Community Employment and Pre-Vocational Training. Each will enhance your son or daughter’s job skills and marketability.

Community Employment

LOGAN Community Employment is a state-approved job placement service that introduces local businesses to skilled and motivated employees. An Employment Consultant works on behalf of your son or daughter and the employer to create a successful match and ensure a long-term employment relationship. Our employees have worked in a variety of restaurants, offices, and retail companies right here in our community.

For more information on Community Employment, click here.

Pre-Vocational Training

Our Pre-Vocational Training teaches practical job skills that can be applied to a wide range of community employment opportunities. Our training promotes job independence and job success.

For more information on Pre-Vocational Training, click here.

For general questions and more information on LOGAN’s Employment Services,


Holly Tobolski
Sr. Director of Residnetial and Business Services
(574) 289-0385

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