Emily’s snowman becomes LOGAN holiday greeting

Emily Holub, 27,  didn’t know she was an artist until she started painting about two years ago.

During a work break at LOGAN Industries, she picked up a paintbrush in one of the Studios classrooms. Following the direction of Studios art instructor Ann Rudasiacs, Emily caught on quickly and discovered a talent she didn’t know she had. She’s been painting ever since.

“Ann offers ideas. I pick the ideas out I like and go with it,” Emily explained.

LOGAN turned one of Emily’s original paintings, a laid back snowman, into a holiday greeting card. It sold out quickly.  Her snowman was used for LOGAN’s holiday greeting to friends and family and as the cover art for the LOGAN Facebook page.

Artwork displayed at South Bend Museum of Art

“I didn’t know I had that side of me,” Emily said about discovering her artistic talents. “I thought I was just a regular person and didn’t know how to paint.”

Emily likes painting on canvas with acrylics best. One of her acrylic pieces, an abstract, remained on display at the South Bend Museum of Art all summer as part of a LOGAN exhibit. During the artist reception at the museum, Emily saw visitors to the museum admiring her work.

“I was proud of myself,” she said. “I was excited that I’m that good.”

Now she’s getting compliments on her snowman image shared on Facebook and for LOGAN’s holiday message.

“Everybody really likes what I paint,” she said.

Besides attending The Studios at LOGAN, Emily works at LOGAN Industries and lives in a LOGAN house with three other ladies. She hopes to get a job in the community one day. Meanwhile, she enjoys expanding her creative side.

“You will usually find her working on a mixed media piece with lots of flowers and butterflies,” said her art instructor.