Do it FTK — For The Kids

Dr. Joshua Diehl, Chief Strategy Officer for Autism Services at LOGAN, needs your help to complete his  FTK 50K the morning of August 6. Josh plans to run, ride and hopefully bicycle a full 50-kilometers — from Benton Harbor to Notre Dame — to raise $50,000 for the kids who will receive services at LOGAN’s new Southwest Michigan Autism Learning Center. He’ll start at the construction site and end at the finish line of LOGAN’s Run.

He’ll do it, if he has to, wearing a tutu and eating bratwursts.

He’ll do whatever it takes, he says, for the kids.

That’s where you come in. Go to Josh’s online fundraising page and make a donation to the cause. Donors get to decide just how agonizing (or energizing) the run will be. For a Powerade break, for example, Josh must raise $100. To substitute a bike ride for a kilometer of running, he needs $1,000; to hitch a ride in a car, $5,000. Want to prank him? Join Team Tutu and make him wear a tutu part of the way, or even worse, Team Wolverine, forcing this proud Notre Dame grad to wear a Michigan jersey.

So far, Josh has raised a little more than $16,000 towards his goal, including $6,000 from Team Bratwurst. That means he’ll have to scarf down five brats during the final 5-kilometers of his run.

Barring indigestion, Josh hopes to reach Notre Dame by 9 a.m., before the start of the 5K at LOGAN’s Run. If he makes it, he’ll then complete the community run with everyone else, bringing his distance total to 55-kilometers.

Josh knows going the distance will be challenging, but no more so than living every day with autism.

“We see the need for services for autism as a moral imperative,” he says. “And we’re all in … for the kids.”

Watch WSBT-TV morning show anchor Kristin Bien interview with Josh and Patrick Roemer, LOGAN Development Director – Michigan about the FTK 50K and LOGAN’s Run.

Josh Leaping