We’re Close to Home

When your son or daughter has autism, you need a place where you can ask the tough questions and get the right answers. A place for unbiased education and a sympathetic hug. The Sonya Ansari Center for Autism provides a range of services, resources and training for parents, educators and professionals who face the daily realities of autism.

Located at the north end of the campus of LOGAN Center in South Bend, Indiana, the Sonya Ansari Center for Autism is the organizational hub for LOGAN Autism Services and the best place to start your journey.  

LOGAN welcomes children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum to explore and reach their potential through Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, communication and social skills development, recreation, and support services.

We invite you and your child to visit the Sonya Ansari Center for Autism or one of our two comprehensive Autism Learning Centers to see how we can help.

Our Locations

Sonya Ansari Center for Autism
2505 Jefferson Boulevard
South Bend, IN 46615 – Map
(574) 855-1732
Britany Melton, MEd, BCBA, Clinical Site Director
Katie Bell, Administrative and Family Services Coordinator

Sonya Ansari Autism Learning Center—Granger/Mishawaka
51960 Gumwood Road
Granger, IN 46530 – Map
(574) 247-4665
Britany Melton, MEd, BCBA, Clinical Site Director
Katie Bell, Administrative and Family Services Coordinator

LOGAN Autism Learning Center—Southwest Michigan
1651 E. Nickerson Ave.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022 – Map
(269) 983-5833
Kristin Wier, MA, LLP, BCBA, Clinical Site Director
Pam Shuster, Program Assistant

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact:

Katie Bell
Administrative and Family Services Coordinator, Indiana
(574) 855-1732, or (574) 247-4665

Pam Shuster
Office Manager, Michigan
(269) 983-5833

Trusted Information

Indiana Resource Center for Autism: www.iidc.indiana.edu/
Indiana Insurance Mandate for Autism Spectrum Disorders:  www.iidc.indiana.edu/
HANDS in Autism: https://handsinautism.iupui.edu/index.htm#.VuBz8_krLIU
Michigan Special Education Mediation Program: http://msemp.cenmi.org
Daily news and Information: disabilityscoop.com
Early Childhood Alliance: Early Childhood Alliance
Autism Speaks: autismspeaks.org
Indicators for Autism Spectrum Disorder