We’ll be with you the entire way

Do you suspect that your child might have autism? Autism is a developmental disability that affects an individual’s social interaction, communication, and the way they relate to people, objects and events. It can also involve restricted or intense interests in a specific topic or repetitive behaviors or play. In addition, individuals with autism may be over- or under-sensitive to sensory information (sight, touch, smells, sounds, movement). The characteristics of autism may or may not be apparent in infancy, but usually become apparent in very early childhood (first 2-3 years).

If you suspect your child has autism, the right time to seek help is now. It is never too early or too late.

What we can do

  • Answer any questions you might have, regardless of your child’s age or diagnostic status.
  • Suggest developmental pediatricians or psychologists who will evaluate and diagnose your child
  • Provide valuable resource materials
  • Evaluate your child and help you determine the best treatment approach
  • Provide support and training opportunities
  • Navigate insurance/payment options
  • Provide a number of individualized treatment opportunities based on your child’s specific needs
  • Refer you to other organizations that might be able to offer additional services

Application process

Once your child has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, please contact the Autism Learning Center you plan to use for assistance. If you’re not sure which center to call, contact Katie Bell, Administrative and Family Services Coordinator, for more information or email: autism@logancenter.org.

Payment options

  • We are in-network with many insurance providers. Call us to find out.
  • We also accept a number of different Medicaid plans.
  • We welcome private pay.
  • Scholarships are available on a limited basis.
  • We do not charge for phone consultations.

For information about services, please contact:

Katie Bell
Administrative and Family Services Coordinator, Indiana
(574) 855-1732, or (574) 247-4665

Pam Shuster
Office Manager, Michigan
(269) 983-5833