Recreation at LOGAN

Fun is an important part of life, so at LOGAN we have fun like it’s our job! We offer year-round recreational programming for young adults ages 18-26, and adults ages 26 and up. Activities range from cooking and art classes to community outings, field trips and camps. Some of our activities are fee-based, but many are free and are designed to accommodate any mobility need.

With the focus on friendship and fun, LOGAN’s recreation services are an ideal way for people, with and without disabilities, to get to know each other. Recreation events are listed on our calendar and updated regularly. Online registration is available for all of our recreation programs.

Recreational Therapy

Individualized recreation therapy is another option for adults and children who need focused attention. Coordinated by our Certified Recreational Therapist, our personal therapy programming lets your loved one pursue the activities and hobbies of their choice under the guidance of a trained staff member or volunteer. Leisure activities are used to learn new skills and maintain current ones.

Recreational Therapy can be funded either through a Family Supports waiver or a Community Integration and Habilitation waiver.

Program Information and Registration

Young adult recreation programs are designed for teens and young adults, ages 14-25. Stay tuned for more information.

Adult recreation programs are designed for those ages 18 and older.

Be sure that you have updated Participant and General Information forms on file.

For more information on any of our Recreation Services, contact:

Dana Griggs-Molenda
Adult Recreation Coordinator
(574) 289-4831

For more information on Recreational Therapy, contact:

Jenny Demske
Program Operation Specialist

Quick Facts
Quick Facts
Quick Facts