Pre-vocational Training

Pre-vocational Training at LOGAN’s Training Center

The Training Center is a large classroom located at LOGAN Industries which is used for a variety of work skills training. Here, preset curriculum-based work is available on a daily basis. The classes offer our students exposure to new tasks that are similar to packaging, assembly and fulfillment work to be better equipped to work on new jobs obtained at LOGAN Industries.

Training on pre-employment skills is also a regular topic of classes in the Training Center. Our students receive training on job interviewing, resume development, completing a job application and dressing for job interviews. They are also introduced to other job opportunities such as office, retail, commercial and service sectors.

Every student who comes through our Training Center will work with a support team led by a Program Services Coordinator to develop their unique goals. These goals may include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Workplace Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Attendance & Punctuality
  • Positive Peer Interaction
  • Dress & Hygiene for the Workplace
  • Focusing on Task
  • Following workplace rules

On-the-Job Training

Once students move into their work at LOGAN Industries, our experienced staff members can provide skills training in a variety of jobs as well as social practices within the workplace. Each individual has the opportunity of learning daily work structure, timeliness, and communication to gain a successful work history.

Pre-Vocational Training at LOGAN Industries

LOGAN Industries is a 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with more than 170 employees. Specializing in packing and assembly, LOGAN Industries offers vocational assessment, ongoing training and support to its workforce, and is our worksite for adults looking to learn employment skills and earn wages at the same time.

Working at LOGAN Industries can be short-term as a part of a pathway to Community Employment, or ongoing. Either choice offers the benefits of learning good work habits and skills while promoting self-worth by earning a paycheck.

LOGAN Industries is an actual business; one that’s been a part of our community since 1953. Our staff secures contracts with a variety of companies who need our hand-packaged, small-line assembly and fulfillment services.

Financial Support

Pre-Vocation Training can be funded a variety of ways including a Family Supports waiver, a Community Integration and Habilitation waiver, group living contract, or private pay.

For more information on LOGAN’s Pre-Vocational Training, contact:

Jenny Demske
Program Operation Specialist