Adult Day Services

If your son or daughter has an intellectual or developmental disability, you know how isolating it can sometimes be for them. The Studios is a weekday adult day services program where we offer age- and skill-level appropriate activities to engage men and women creatively, socially and mentally. The Studios is for adults who need more complex, creative activities.

Here, we encompass a variety of arts—visual, musical, culinary, kinetic and language. We support your son or daughter, teaching them skills and giving opportunities to be creative with a variety of media. We also invite local artisans to come share their craft.



Financial Support

The Studios can be funded in a variety of ways, including a Family Supports waiver, a Community Integration and Habilitation waiver, a nursing facility budget, group living contract, or private pay.

Participants can enroll full time or part time in one of the following four specialized Studios:

Sensory Studio

  • Emphasizes the sensory aspect of activities
  • Helps discover preferences through curiosity and exploration
  • Encourages interaction and communication

Studio of the Arts

  • Opportunities for more complex and creative activities
  • Encompasses a variety of arts – visual, musical, culinary and more
  • Supports potential artists with a variety of media
  • Promotes new connections with local artisans

Studio 360

  • Provides a creative outlet for people other than traditional arts
  • Encourages exploration of different hobbies and arts
  • Fosters personal achievement and skill acquisition

Seniors Studio

  • Tailored activities for individuals showing signs of aging
  • Focus on maintaining skills with opportunities to learn new things
  • Leisure activities that provide continued mental stimulation

For more information on The Studios, contact:

Jenny Demske
Program Operations Specialist
(574) 289-4831


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