Adult Day Services

At The Studios at LOGAN, we invite you to join us on a journey of self-expression and creativity. The Studios is a weekday adult day services program where we offer age- and skill-level appropriate activities to engage men and women creatively, socially and mentally. We strive to create opportunities for all participants to explore new things, discover what they enjoy, and develop their talents. 

At Studios, we encompass a variety of modes of expression– visual, musical, culinary, kinetic, verbal, and sensory. Our skilled and caring staff encourage choice and creativity. Our goal is to lift each other up with respect, kindness, honesty, loyalty and quality care. Those who may have difficulty mastering a task will know their journey here allows for creative imaginations to wander. Studios participants build lifelong relationships with each other and staff. They improve their vocational and life skills and earn commissions when their artwork sells. Studios programs are offered at LOGAN Center, LOGAN Industries and Hannah & Friends Neighborhood.

Financial Support

The Studios may be funded in a variety of ways, including a Family Supports waiver, a Community Integration and Habilitation waiver, a nursing facility budget, group living contract, or private pay.

Participants may enroll full time or part-time in one of the following four specialized Studios:

Sensory Studio

  • Provides accessible activities for people who have significant intellectual disabilities
  • Emphasizes the sensory aspect of activities
  • Helps discover preferences through curiosity and exploration
  • Encourages interaction and communication

Studio of the Arts

  • Provides opportunities for more complex and creative activities
  • Encompasses a variety of arts – visual, musical, culinary, and more
  • Supports potential artists with a variety of media
  • Promotes new connections with local artisans
  • Visit our Studios Art Website by clicking here 
  • View our gallery of artwork here 

Studio 360

  • Provides a creative outlet for people who want to try a variety of activities.
  • Encourages exploration of different hobbies and arts
  • Fosters personal achievement and skill acquisition

Seniors Studio

  • Tailored activities for individuals showing signs of aging
  • Focus on maintaining skills with opportunities to learn new things
  • Leisure activities that provide continued mental stimulation

For more information on The Studios, contact:

Jenny Demske
Program Operations Specialist
(574) 289-4831

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