Matt Harrington

A message from Matt Harrington

LOGAN Staff,

We all faced a lot of uncertainty as we began a new time with COIVD-19 in our lives last spring. If we would provide services, how we would provide services and the details of the novel coronavirus were all unknowns for the first few months. We made some difficult decisions to ensure our staff and clients’ health and the sustainability of LOGAN’s services. Looking back, I am proud of what we accomplished. Together we worked through difficult times and circumstances to provide compassionate care for the individuals we serve.

Beginning in March, a group of 350 staff, including those who accepted reassignment, were called upon to work straight through our early COVID months. This group of staff really stepped up, putting their own health at risk to provide critical care for our clients or support those who do. For this group, we are giving a “Thank You Bonus” of $500.00 or $750.00 depending upon their position and role at LOGAN. This bonus symbolizes the commitment they made as we were adapting our services to deal with the effects of COVID-19. No amount of money can truly compensate them for their selflessness and commitment, but the bonus is a small token of our appreciation for their dedication.

We continue to work at achieving financial stability during a time when income is greatly fluctuating, and expenses are rising. Thankfully, we recently received funding from the CARES Act, much of which is being used to give these bonuses. Those staff who will receive a “Thank You Bonus” will be getting a letter at home in the next week or so. The bonus will be paid on the November 27th payday.

I am so proud to be a part of the best caregiving staff around. Thank you for everything you do.