Give The Nose a birthday gift

We’re celebrating the 30th birthday of The Nose, the little green foam ball that has come to symbolize the mission of LOGAN and its efforts to discover the potential in all of us. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years sharing Nose puns, taking Nose selfies, and creating funny and heartfelt Nose-On videos.  More importantly, what a difference we’ve made in this community using a simple green nose to raise awareness about a complex issue – creating new opportunities for children, adults and families with disabilities, so they all get the most out of life. You Nose it’s...

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Flame musicians overcome odds, exceed expectations

SOUTH BEND, Indiana (March 20, 2018) When Michelle King was 3, her mother knew she had a special talent. Michelle would run up on stage where her mom worked and sing into a microphone. At the time, she didn’t speak, except to repeat words. A doctor diagnosed her as autistic and intellectually disabled. He told her mom not to expect too much, that Michelle might never be able to have conversations. Nobody expected much of David LaGrange, either. When he was 14, his counselor at the New York School for the Blind told him his dreams were too big and he needed to face reality — he would never...

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