LOGAN exhibit opens at South Bend Museum of Art

See the exhibit May 27 to August 6

Excitement is building among artists in The Studios at LOGAN in anticipation of the opening of their exhibit at the South Bend Museum of Art. Titled Finding a Voice, Collaborating Together, the exhibit features group projects, like the Bison-tennial Bison, and individual work, including a display of paintings by the late Martha McMillian and more recent artist interpretations of the classic Van Gogh masterpiece, Starry Night.

“We were thrilled to be invited by the museum to display a collection of our artists’ work,” said Barbara Pickut, Director of Adult Day Services at LOGAN. “The artists can’t wait to see their creations on display.”

Before the exhibit opened, a small group of the artists spent two days at the Community Gallery painting the title wall. Kitty Cooney, The Studios Creative Consultant, snapped a photo of one of the artists rolling the first color on the canvas.

“I got goose bumps,” she said. “It was so symbolic of what we do in the Studios, taking a blank canvas and turning it into something beautiful.”

When to go

The exhibit opens Saturday May 27 and runs through August 6. Museum hours are noon to 5 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. Be aware, the museum closes on Mondays and Tuesdays.

How much does it cost? The museum requests a suggested donation of $5 for admission.

Don’t miss an opportunity to tell the artists what you think about their talents during a public reception from 5 to 9 p.m. August 4.

What you’ll see

Allow plenty of time to wander through the LOGAN collection. We’ve filled the exhibit space with a range of paintings, sculptures and multi-media projects. You’ll see the award-winning Bison-tennial Bison and get a chance to examine up close all the icons and imprints making it so special. You’ll also want to study the vibrantly painted Wander Sticks (our version of walking sticks) made from, yep, real sticks, and the Tie-Dyed Tidal Wave made from coffee filters.

Old favorites will be on display, too, including artwork by the late Martha McMillian. While you browse, you can watch a video featuring Martha’s story and photos of Studio artists at work. Read more about the exhibit by clicking here.

The first thing you’ll see is the Title Wall, painted in The Studios signature design of sponged colors, thumbprint signatures and a checkered border.

Here’s a sneak peek of our collection, beginning and ending with the Title Wall. We also included a photo of one of the artists, Ola, expressing her joy creating art.

SBMA exhibit, blank canvas
SBMA exhibit, inspirational
sbma exhibit, red bird


SBMA exhibit, long-legged bird 
SBMA exhibit, silver sculpture


SBMA exhibit, happy artist
sbma exhibit, Starry night
SBMA exhibit, title wall at gallery