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LOGAN Community Resources, Inc., is a funded partner of United Way of Southwest Michigan. UWSM funds are directed to the Children’s Fund at LOGAN to supports families in SW Michigan in need of financial support to obtain crucial services for their children.


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Become a LOGAN Volunteer

LOGAN welcomes volunteers with a variety of backgrounds experience and interests. We help you match your specific needs and abilities with the right service opportunity.

To get started, simply submit a volunteer application or contact Breanna Hutchinson, Volunteer Coordinator, at (574) 289-4831. An interview will be set up to determine eligibility and discover the best volunteer opportunity for you.

You Can Do It!

Finding the right volunteer 'fit' is important for you and for us. We want to best match your interests and talents with our opportunities. LOGAN volunteers work with adults or children in various settings. Whether you are a student at a local college, university, junior high or high school, or a member of the community, we want you to become involved. Bring your interest and talents, and we'll work with you to find the right fit. There are many volunteer opportunities at LOGAN. We hope you join the LOGAN team!

Being a LOGAN Volunteer means:

  • Making a difference
  • Gaining experience
  • Expanding skills and understanding
  • Supporting your community
  • Discovering your potential
  • Volunteer Process and Application

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