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The LOGAN Story

Chapter 1
The '50's
Beginning the Dream
LOGAN began as a dream of parents who wanted education for all of their children. These parents did not want to wait any longer for services for their children with disabilities. They knew that it was up to them to make something happen. Driven by passion, this was a time when a small group of committed parents worked hard to build the foundation for LOGAN. A chain of events started the ball rolling that began with the incorporation of the Council for the Retarded. Shortly after, LOGAN School was founded for 22 students, with 2 teachers, and $24 in pocket. Logan Industries Sheltered Workshop also opened, offering employment.

Chapter 2
The '60's
Keeping the Momentum
There was no stopping now...things were starting to happen for people with disabilities as more families looked to LOGAN for services. Ground literally broke when Logan Center was built across from Notre Dame, Housing a school program for children with disabilities. Employment stepped up as Logan Industries moved from various sites to a centralized location on High Street.

Chapter 3
The '70's
Growing to Serve
The 1970s was a period of tremendous growth for LOGAN as the organization stretched to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The Homestart Program was initiated at Logan Center, bringing quality services to infants and toddlers. Public Law 94-142 passed, making special education mandatory for school systems and prompting the move out of Logan Center into the schools. LOGAN expanded to meet the needs of adults with severe disabilities through the Adult Rehabilitation Program, which eventually also became housed at Logan Center. In addition, LOGAN began operating group homes. During this time, Notre Dame and Saint Mary's students began volunteering at LOGAN, initiating a wonderful partnership with the campuses that was destined to grow. Central to this chapter of LOGAN's history was when we stepped up to the challenge of providing advocacy and guardianship services with the formation of the Protective Services Board. This was a profound step in establishing LOGAN as a leading advocate and confirming our long term commitment to people with developmental disabilities.

Chapter 4
The '80's
Reaching Out
Growth continued for LOGAN as ground broke for the new Logan Industries manufacturing facility. LOGAN expanded the number of group homes and added supports for individuals living in apartments and private homes. First steps were taken to develop more services in the community. The Employment Services Program was launched to initiated community employment opportunities with area businesses. Public awareness was heightened as thousands of community volunteers became involved with the International Summer Special Olympics Games at Notre Dame. On the heels of this widely acclaimed event, the LOGAN Foundation was established as the fundraising arm. Shortly after the LOGAN Nose-On began its debut as an annual fundraising and public education effort.

Chapter 5
The '90's
Involving Our Community
This decade brought a whirl of change in the field as the trend towards individualized community based services took off, supported by government funding. LOGAN responded by opening our first Medicaid Waiver home for one person, funded by a new source designed to support individualized plans. LOGAN was involved in the formation of The 317 Plan, which indicated Indiana's focus on funding community based services.

Our children's services changed as LOGAN's preschool program moved from Logan Center in the schools and eventually our infant and toddler program moved in to a regional center for children's services with other organizations. Also, Community Connections, a program designed to offer volunteer opportunities for adults art community sites, was initiated as a very popular option for adults. LOGAN expanded our role as a resource through our website, www.logancenter.org. Cafe LOGAN, an interactive component of the website, was designed to exchange information and resources.

As LOGAN moves ahead, we are eager to continue writing our history...
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